Friday, July 15, 2011

Loves: A Diaper Bag

Times sure have changed on the loves have gone from purses and shoes to diaper bags!  When I started my search for a diaper bag I thought about getting a large purse that I could use as one, I found a few that could work but of course were above what I was looking to spend...go figure!

Then I came across the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Eliz-a-Baby Nylon Baby Bag at Bloomingdales. It was perfect...durable material, two strap options, black and stylish of course!
Images via Bloomingdales

I am hoping Bloomingdales has a Friend's & Family sale soon. I am sure there will be one before November!

Have you seen any other stylish diaper bags out there?

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  1. Yes, I absolutely adore the TIMI and leslie line.

    My husband gifted me a Coach diaper bag after my first son was born and I've really enjoyed carrying it the past four years. It's held up very nicely too!

  2. v cute! and chic. i'll probably just get a big tote bag when i have a baby.. we'll see tho! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Super cute!!! Yup, you are definitely a Mom, LOVE IT!!

  4. Congrats! I agree with @Your Southern Peach, I love Timi & Leslie. Have you looked at Petunia Pickle Bottom? They have a GORGEOUS line called Cake. I am an interior designer for a children's store and drool over these at work! Here is my fav:

  5. love this!! such a good choice :) xoxo

  6. Where was that when the dude was teeny?? It's gorgeous!

  7. Wow, I feel silly I didn't realize you were expecting! Congrats lady!

    I also second @Lovey Dovey Darling, the Cake bags are gorgeous.


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