Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Got an Award!

My sister-in-law from Spruce Hill gave me the Versatile Blogger Award a few weeks back.

Here are the rules:
- Thank the person who gave you the award.
- Pass the award on to 10 other versatile bloggers and let them know you did.
- And tell seven fun facts about yourself.
She has been blogging since 2008 and has a lot of friends out there in the blogged world so I was excited to see I was 1 of her chosen 10. You must check out her blog which started as a support system through her battle with breast cancer and a way to share her family life. She beat it once but unfortunately the cancer came back and she is currently in the process of kicking its butt again. Her strength and positive attitude inspire me and I think of her on a daily basis! Thank you for passing along the award and for being you!

Here are a few fun facts about me...
1. I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania until I was 7 and then moved to Michigan.

2. I met my husband 7 years ago on a Carribbean cruise and I moved from Chicago to Atlanta 3 months later to be with him. We have been married for 2 years!

3 of my nieces pictured here-they have beautiful photography skills and are so creative!
3. I have 8 nieces and 1 nephew and they all played a part in my wedding!

4. I am a reality show junkie and will give just about any show a chance!

 5. I can easlily get lost in a pile of magazines rather than a book-I buy way too many!

6. My husband and I love to travel and hope to make Spain our next destination in 2012!

7. I love my pup Ryder...best little guy ever!

 I would like to pass the award on too...

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  1. Thank you Sara!! You are so sweet! Love your puppy :)

  2. I think a trip to Spain with your honey would be absolutely amazing. All of the sights to see and experiences to marvel at together -- sounds fantastic. Bon voyage! :)

  3. Thank You Sara! I'm a reality t.v. junkie too! Fun learning more about you!

  4. Thank you so much Sara!! i wish I grew up on a farm - looooove them!

  5. thanks for the shout out lady!! we have SO many things in common-- whootwhoot for farm girls haha. and i feel the same way about reality tv and magazines. so tempting..
    xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. 1. so jealous you grew up on a farm.
    2. It's like a real love cruise.
    3. i LOVE big families
    4. reality shows are the reason I don't have cable. I would never leave the house if I did.
    5. mmm Vogue
    6. I'm going for Iceland in 2012!
    7. way.too.cute.


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