Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going to be a bookworm...

I am lucky to have a hubby that is handy around the house plus he enjoys it! A new project he is looking forward to taking on is built-in bookshelves for our office/guest room. I have been gathering some inspiration for the design... 

We have very few books to fill these shelves but I know a want to buy this and some of these to start of the collection. I am going to need to hit up some antique markets and garage sales.

Do you have any book recommendations for me?

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  1. how fun! we are in the market for a bigger better bookshelf too. i love the idea of organizing your books by color.. just not sure if we have enough variety! xoxo jcd

  2. Great idea, I love built ins, thank goodness for handy husbands :).

  3. love the third picture! built ins make any area look classic.
    xoxo em

  4. Oh I ADORE bookshelves! And books....I have the opposite problem, too many books and not enough shelves! When I have a place I settle down in, I want to have one room with books lining the walls, a cozy fireplace and an armchair to sink into.

  5. my guy built an interesting bookshelf in our old place..we went and bought the sale books at barnes and noble just to fill the space. Also you should go to antique shops, they should have a TON of books at super LOW prices. :))))


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