Monday, January 31, 2011

Mindless Monday...Sunday Funday!

It felt like Springtime in Atlanta over the weekend but unfortunately it is a rainy Monday morning. I had a relaxing but productive weekend. 

 First off, I gave my pup Ryder a much needed bath!

We really look forward to Sunday family dinners in our house. Our sisters both live near by so we hosted them for dinner and a movie. The hubby got a Big Green Egg for Christmas which is a post for another day but he made pork tenderloin with a blackberry reduction-so yummy! I made potatoes and green beans for the sides...stay tuned for those recipes later this week.

My SIL was in charge of dessert and her Ricotta Blintzes w/ Boysenberry Syrup did not disappoint! 

How was your weekend?


All photos were taken by me using my iPhone and the CameraBag app.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love your dog!! And thanks for reminding me I need to give our dog a bath!! Ha! looks fabulous, btw! Yum!

  2. oo that raspberry dessert looks GOOD! glad you had a good weekend! xoxo jcd

  3. We had a lovely family Sunday dinner lat night too!

  4. ummm looks and sounds delish! glad you had a good weekend! Sunday is always my LEAST productive day (even though it's a day when I have the least going on). maybe next weekend I'll try to get my roommates to cook with me! :)

  5. Look at the little buddy! Your dinner sounds YUMMY!

  6. oh my gosh that face! your pup is SO cute!


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