Monday, January 17, 2011

Mindless Monday...Golden Globes

It's award season again! I love the Golden Globes...all major celebrities in one place, humor and fashion! 

Here are a few looks from the night (good and bad)...which ones do you like?

My Favorite-Thank you Rachel Zoe!

2nd Favorite!

She could have done better

Images via

What was your favorite look?



  1. Yay for award season! I just loved Anne Hathaway in that Armani...she looked amazing!

  2. good picks!! agree agree agree on anne hathaway. she was my hands-down favorite. angie is yawnsville for me lately. i love the dress and the only bad thing i can say is that i wish angie would mix it up a little bit (yawn). and claire danes would have been perfection had she spiced up her jewelry selections. the color is fantastic.

  3. Gotta go with the green dress although I'm not a huge fan of Angelina.

  4. Claire Danes was definitely my favorite of the night!

  5. Olivia Wilde was definitely my favorite, but I TOTALLY agree about Natalie Portman... so disappointed in her choice!

  6. Love your whole concept of mindless Monday! Claire Danes look so simple and elegant...what an interesting actress

  7. i liked claire danes the most. the color was gorgeous... xoox jcd


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