Monday, January 24, 2011

Mindless Monday...Closets

I was so excited to organize my closet this weekend and after 2 days of it that is all I have on my mind. It doesn't look exactly like these but they are wonderful to look at!

Carrie's on Sex & the City...hello lover!

Stunning organization! 

Jenna Lyon knows J. Crew & shoes

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump's beautiful sanctuary

So big!

Fairy tales can come true...

How was your weekend?



  1. I love looking into people's closets! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous inspiration and thanks for stopping by Things That Sparkle! Happy to have found your blog

  2. sigh looove those closets! how amazing. love the shoes even more :) xoxo jcd

    ps thanks for entering my first giveaway!!

  3. I never tire of looking at beautiful and organized closets either! Mine are getting there..major purging going on here :) Happy Monday!

  4. I never thought of hanging my boots! Interesting! Love the rug in Carrie's closet too:)

  5. closet envy! i'd love to have any of these closets!

  6. Pretty closets! The first photo reminds me of 27 dresses movie! Love the photos!

  7. gorgeous closets make me with I was living someone else's life.... omgggg I want a big one so bad! right now I share a closet with my roommate... so you can only imagine how organized it is!

  8. Carrie's doesn't seem that long on the show...I just acquired a new closet so thanks for the inspiration!!


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