Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loves: kate spade sutton place

I have some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and obviously I am in need of another purse...not really but you can never have enough great bags!  I am eyeing the sutton place willa at kate spade, simple and classic lines made with beautiful, soft leather. What more could a girl ask for!

I realized while writing this post that I had actually picked this bag to be include in my kate spade gift guide here.  I keep coming back to this bag...maybe it is meant to be?!?! Stay tuned...

I am having a hard time choosing a color.  What would you choose?



  1. I would go with either the winter white, or the bright pink!

  2. I'm loving the gold. (And a girl can never have too many purses.)

  3. Love those bags too! The white is my fav for spring/summer! Would look amazing with navy and coral colors!

    I am on Twitter at yoursouthpeach but I don't have internet capabilities on my phone. (Maybe that will be my next investment!) The concert should be great!

  4. super cute and love them all. I like the ivory or gold :)

  5. I love it! I really like the champagne will go with everything!

  6. I say go for it! The metallic color will coordinate with everything that you have! Please post a pic when you choose!

  7. ooooh these are gorgeous!! my favorite is the gold/champagne one :) so chic!


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