Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loves: Old Navy Flats

I wanted to share one of my favorite purchases with you-my Old Navy Taupe Flats.  They are amazing, go with everything and were $20!  You can't beat that for a pair of shoes that I wear all of the time. 

I originally bought them for our trip to Italy and then ended up wearing them almost everyday. The first couple days were rough since I had to break them in but now they are so comfortable.

I may go and pick up another pair for when I wear these out.

Do you have a shoe that you are currently obsessed with?



  1. What a great buy! I may have to go get a pair of these!!

  2. so cute! i am currently obsessed with wedge pumps


  3. can always count on old navy flats and cardigans! love it!

  4. So cute! I saw these in Old Navy but they were out of my size. May need to check the online store now that I know how comfy they are!


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