Monday, September 13, 2010

Mindless Monday...

I don't normally look forward to a Monday but today starts an amazing week.

I am celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary has been an amazing 2 years and can't believe how time flies.

Our wedding day was amazing and I love to look back at the beautiful photos. We celebrated on Saturday night with a yummy dinner at Aria reminiscing about the past few years and looking forward to our trip to Italy this week.

I am busying finishing up last minute details and wrapping up work. Packing has been interesting...I have so much that I want to bring but I just can't!

My sister is going to be guest blogging next week in my absence so be sure to check back! 



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and safe travels to Italy and back! Absolutely gorgeous wedding photography, too.

  2. congrats on your anniversary! beautiful wedding pictures! i'm in atlanta as well and wished i had known about the trolleys when we got married--they look amazing in pictures!

  3. happy anniversary! so funny, i just celebrated my two year anniversary on aug 23 and we were supposed to leave for italy yesterday (had to cancel due to life events). too bad - we coulda run into each other ;)

  4. Congratulations sweet! I'm now following your blog x

  5. have a fabulous trip...and happy anniversary!

    xoxo, cassie

  6. Congrats!! Is that Portofino, Italy?? I'm dying to go to Italy!! How much did you love it?

  7. Happy Anniversary! Have a great trip - eat, drink and be merry!

    Stylishly yours,

  8. Happy Anniversary! Have a fun on your trip!


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