Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Upgraded!

I finally made the upgrade to the iPhone 4G last week.  I didn't think I could give up my Crackberry but now I can't imagine not having an iPhone. I have been downloading all of my favorite apps and would love some recommendations!

Here are my Top 5...so far!
It is an Atlanta based company and offers 50% at some of the best restaurants and stores. I also love their daily emails-great stories and interviews!

This app can make any picture look amazing! 

Fun to see what your friends or family are doing but there is no sound. Hopefully that will come in the next version.
Perfect for laying by the pool or sitting at your desk!

Mindless celebrity gossip but includes links to all of their other pages-FABSUGAR, lilsugar, yumsugar...

What are your favorites?



  1. Yay! How exciting. I've had the iPhone since last November and totally addicted. I find myself zoning out reading tweets, facebook stalking, or surfing the web. It's really pretty bad! Isn't Scoutmob the best? I also use a blog reader app that's great too!

  2. These are some really good apps I dont have a I-phone but I would love one soon :)


  3. Hi there!! Thanks so much for chiming in over at Hello, Splendor... So glad to have connected.

    I also have the new iPhone! You MUST try incredibooth! So fun... Also, if you bank with chase you can deposit check by taking pics with your phone. It really works! amazing.

    Hope you have a great weekend!! Off to download popsugar... thanks!

  4. Oh now I'm jealous! Love my blackberry but would love an IPhone!

  5. I have some of these, but will check out the others. I love Words With Friends, The Weather Channel (I like to know the weather in places I wish I were in!), Sherwin Williams Color Snap (take a pic of something and it will give you the SW paint color that matches! This is actually how I found the orange for my son's room), Phone Flicks (manage your netflix acct.), Urban Spoon and Flixter.

    Ok, I have a lot! :) My kids each have their own folders of games. I'm dying to get the new 4 with video...do you still love it?!


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