Tuesday, July 20, 2010

take a chance-Kate Spade

I love the interactive display that Cheree Berry designed for a Kate Spade store in St. Louis. She created a grid pattern with hundreds of envelopes filled with  little messages -"crash a party" & "embrace color". It is another great use of bright colors by KS!


I would love to see this installation in the Atlanta store! 

Photos c/o www.katespade.com


  1. Love it! I've not been the biggest fan of Kate Spade in the past, but I'm slowly growing to love the brand!

  2. i saw that somewhere and now i wanna see it in PERSON!

  3. Very cool... Kate Spade style is so clean and colorful.

  4. Is the KS store at Lenox back open yet? I loved Cheree Berry's wedding... Gorgeous. Fun blog! Tera


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