Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A nice little Saturday...

One of my favorite Saturday activities during the summer is to head over to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market. It has turned into a tradition with my friend Kristen and I. We mosey through the booths, enjoy the samples and pick up a few items for the week.

We always finish up the morning with Souper Jenny's lobster salad on a fresh Holman & Finch bun. It is amazing!!  

We were very lucky to catch Ford Fry from JCT Kitchen doing a chef demo this past Saturday. JCT is one of my favorite restaurants and I can't wait to celebrate my birthday at their upstairs bar this coming weekend!

Holman & Finch Bread Co.

JCT Kitchen-Ford Fry

Fresh bruschetta w/ smoked goat cheese on H&F bread

Lobster Salad from Souper Jenny
Kristen enjoying the lobster roll!
Taj Mahound Dog Treats
I always pick up a few for my pup!
Photos c/o Kristen...check out her blog!


  1. Looks yummy. You made me hungry

  2. I love our little Saturdays! Cant wait to go again soon!! XO


  3. i went last saturday! first time! loved it :)
    thanks for stopping by! love your blog.


  4. This looks so good!! The cups of peppers - amazing!!

    Wish we had something "civilized" like this where we live in SoCal. Instead I usually just get trampled at the Farmer's Market by people bum rushing each other to get the free samples. Such terrible manners! Runs me off frequently!


  5. Oh how I love a great farmers market it completely inspires me to want to get in the kitchen! THose lobster rolls look divine!

  6. Looks delicious, and makes me want to check out the Farmer's Market here in Morgantown!

  7. I got married at JCT, it was a lovely spot for a wedding. We go to the Sunday supper all the time. Love it.

  8. a farmer's market AND lobster salad. i am green with envy.


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