Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Accessory Overload: Charming CHARLIE

During a recent trip to NC to visit some family I was introduced to Charming CHARLIE.  I had never been to one but the best way to describe it is-Claire's on steroids.  We were in there for an hour and I am sure I missed a few things.

It is organized by color and has everything for jewelry, purses, shoes, sunglasses and even a small amount of clothes.

Come to find out there are a few locations in the suburbs of Atlanta so I will be making another trip!


  1. my friend was just telling me about this place! they opened one here in scottsdale... but arizona is probably a bit far for you!

    i love that it's organized by color... so handy when you are looking for something specific.

  2. I want to see what you got!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, what fun!! But where do you even start looking?? I'd be there for hours!

  4. Thanks for featuring Charming Charlie in your blog!! We have added your blog to our blog mentions page on our website. It’s a page we created exclusively for showcasing Charming Charlie blog mentions!


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